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  Code of Ethics
  We recognize a fourfold obligation
1.  To the public
2.  To our employees
3.  To the manufacturers
4.  To our competitors
To the public
Realize that our business existence is warranted by our ability to serve and that a real and lasting success depends on a service based upon high ethical standers.
To guarantee a price on materials based upon a recognized overhead charge plus a fair responsible profit.
Pledge to all the same price and term for the same material and service rendered.
To refuse the extension of credit to anyone not possessing the fundamental requisites for obtaining credit , viz. character, capacity, capital.
To employees
Encourage, in every way possible, our employees in becoming more competent in the industry and to secure for them steady employment, proper working condition and compensation consistent with the earnings of the business.
To manufacturers
Recognize and respect our obligation to manufacturers who depend upon dealers for the distribution for their product and to the best of our ability deal equitably with all. To support and develop the distribution of our all products compatible to our business operations.
To competitors
Realize that our competitors are, like as, business people ambitious to succeed but desiring success only when founded upon justice and morality.