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  Membership Application
  California Building Material Dealers Association
27702 Crown Valley Pkwy.
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1. Determine your correct membership category from list below.
2. Forward completed application with annual dues payment to CBMDA, 245 Fischer Avenue Suite A-2, Costa Mesa 92626
  Regular Members: Any person, film or corporation engaged in the retail sale and delivery of a complete line of building material that material a yard, warehouse facilities and delivery and lift equipment. The firm must maintain an office open daily during business hours, throughout the year, to serve the contracting trade and the public.
QUILIFICATION – Such dealers shall conform to the following:
1. Shall have a reputation for good moral character.
2. Shall contract the building material business independent of any individual , firm or Corporation engaged in the contracting business.
3. Shall operate the building material business as a separate division a and profit center, if part of a ledger parent firm.
4. Shall have adequate finances with which to meet the obligations incurred in the daily conduct of the business.
5. Shall have an office and warehouse open to the contracting trade and the general public during all regular business hours.
6. Shall process delivery trucks and lift trucks capable of handling the daily logistic of a building material dealers.
  Associate Members: Any manufacturer, distributor or person other than those engaged in the contracting industry may become a non-voting associate.
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$700 Regular $900 Associate
For additional company or satellite memberships, please attach an additional page to this application, providing the above information for each individual or location to be listed.
Regular members list three major manufacturer, Associate members list three building supply dealers, who are member of CBMDA and currently conducting business with you.
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Name Email Phone
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The undersigned makes application for membership in the California building material dealers Association and agrees to abide by the bylaws, code of ethics and standards established by the a association and, upon termination of membership, to refrain from further use of display of the registered trademark or any other symbol which would indicate membership. Participation in CBMDA group insurance program required upon application and pro rata credit will be included in the following year`s annual dues.
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